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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

5 Things You Need To Know About Facebook Home

With Facebook still owning the top position among the social media, crores of users who spend half their day using this site, acheiving the place for maximum advertisements, Mark Zuckerberg has now decided to make facebook a revolutionary field for mobile users because it has been researched that more than half of total facebook users operate their facebook account using Android And other mobile apps. By keeping this aim in mind, Facebook Home has recently been launched which is called as the best Facebook mobile app Working on Android Platform and can be downloaded free of cost from Google Play Store.
Facebook is aiming to turn your android into a complete Facebook touched Social home giving users the facebook designed user interface on every touch they make on their smartphone.So what does that mean? If you missed the announcement, here's five things you need to know about Facebook Home.
1.Cover Feed
The latest news feed can be viewed on directly on the home screen by swiping from left to right. You can also zoom in if somebody has uploaded a picture directly on home screen.Facebook content can also be viewed in the lockscreen without having to make any swipes or gestures and can be turned off if you are worrying about data issues. 
2.App Launcher
After installing Facebook home, whenever you press the home button then your profile pic will be shown as circular at the bottom of the screen instead of your default menu icons of phone. You can choose between facebook messenger or Menu icons by tapping on the circular icon at the bottom.

3.Chat Heads
Chat heads allows you to talk to your friends during looking at a picture or a status simultaneously.You can simply send them message without closing the picture or also can send message to all the active users at the same time. If a message has received during this time then it will appear as a pop up circle showing the profile picture of your friend whose message you just received. So you can simply tap on the circle to read message and reply to them.
You can close the chat heads by simply flicking them off.

4.Facebook Home updates
Facebook Home will be updated every month as said by Facebook officialls in order to improve the user interface based on the feedback obtained. Though they have not made it clear that what kind of updates will be added in the upcoming months.
5.How do you get Facebook Home?
This is not a very complicated thing to be found out because if your phone supports facebook home then you can simply download it from Google Play Store absolutely free of cost.


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