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Thursday, 6 June 2013

Facbook launching New Application 'PIPE'

There is first time ever in social networking world. The Facebook launches new application PIPE in last wednesday. Now you have to share 1GB data from your friends. This software is work on social networking site so you can easily share files with your friends. If your friends has on offline state you can lock your file in pipe software account but you can only share 100 MB at this state.there are various sharing apps like drop box and Google drive. But pipe software has easily used and less time consumption. These software is work only desktop or laptop these software is not using by mobile software. This software is work without any server.
Working of app:-
You can easily drag or drop a file. And you can easily share this file. You can share 1GB data at real time. When you and your friend is online they create a peer to peer connection. This apps is now available at IOS version. This app is easily available at Facebook app center. This app is developed by Pipe Dream Technology, Berlin


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