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Sunday, 9 June 2013

Search For Any Unknown No. Using Truecaller Android App

Truecaller is world's biggest and most informative phone directory these days. True caller will show you the name of the person who is calling you instantly on an incoming call. It just uses your wifi network otherwise it will work on your mobile data pack which is also same in functionality.
Google Play Link For TrueCaller
Features Of True Caller:
1: Search for any unknown caller including mobile and landline. The info will be provided on the basis how popular your no. Is among the people or over internet. If you have to search for a no. Then just enter it in the search box and press search. If the no. Is popular enough then it will definitely give you the results which includes name of the person calling you, state from which he is. The info may be more enrich depending upon different numbera.
2. The second best advantage of using true caller is that once you have registered your no. In its directory then it will block all the spamming calls. True caller contains a list of all the top spammers of india and if any no. From the list gives you a call then it will automatically be blocked by true caller using its call blocking facility. Also you can add any no. Manually Whose call you you don't want to receive.
3. Enjoy the most accurate name and phone number search global telephone directory. Yes, you can also search by typing a person's name to get the info about him/her but the name search option requires credits which can be bought by paying money which is also affordable if you want to get somebody's personal info.
4. They have also provides the options to integratw your account with facebook and LinkedIn. If are not getting details about any no. Then you can ask for details by sharing that contact on your facebook or LinkedIn account with the help of integration. This feature simply uses social power.
5. Sometimes we are in a situation that we don't want to pick any unknown person's call. So here true caller helps you most. You can first check that contact by using its global directory then decide accordingly.
Author's Personal Review:
My personal reviews about this app are very bright because its a must have app for every android addict because it will show you how useful it is within a hour of installation. So just give it a try and see what this app is capable of.
Google Play Link For TrueCaller


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