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Wednesday, 20 August 2014

How to backup/save your WhatsApp Voice messages on PC from iPHONE for listening anytime

We often heard the problems of iPhone users of not being able to find chat history, audio recordings and images on Whatsapp which they received few days earlier from their friends. So its really frustrating when you can’t find the audio clips just when you really want to listen. But now it’s possible to save all the audio files, images, music files immediately when you receive them. This is possible by using a program called WhatsApp Pocket.

WhatsApp Pocket is a PC or Mac client. It allows you to save your WhatsApp chat history, images, audio clips on a PC so that you can watch or listen to them anytime you want. You’ll no longer have to press “Load more” option to see your previous chat. This also prevents the chance of losing data if you accidentally hits the clear conversation button in WhatsApp.


WhatsApp Pocket will backup all your memorable images, videos, audio notes on a separate hard drive thus makes you feel happy every time you listen to those. Its working is so easy. It just contains few simple steps.

How to save voice messages from WhatsApp in iPhone:

  1.       Download WhatsApp Pocket and install it on your PC or Mac.
         2.      Now connect your iPhone to your PC/Mac. 
        3.      Using iTunes, back up your iPhone & then select backup to scan option. 
        4.      Then open Resource tab, select all the .aac and .m4a files you want to save and save those on your PC.