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Friday, 2 August 2013

How To compress an image by 50% in size

Now you can compress the size of the image. Whenever your image has 1 MB to 6 MB in memory. Compression is most preffered for large sites which has used large network of photos. And it maintain its speed of browsing there are necessary to compress the photos and then fill it into the sites. There are two main formats are used for photos like PNG and JPEG file format. There are many software which compress the photos but we have choose the best. Here is the list compression software which has compress 50% of photo size.

1. Caesium
Caesium is a tool that compress .PNG and .JPEG file formats. Its works on windows platform. It is easily to used. You can click on Add program. Choose a photo that you can compress and select destination folder . And click compress and you will compress photo. It is not change the format it only reencodes the files to compress the file. This is does not provide loss less PNG expression. It can only provide 24 bits files only. It doesn't write well for PNG file it extend its size of PNG.

2. File Minimizer Pictures
It also compress the image. It also compress by taking change the size and change the format of the file. It reduce quality and encode to shrink picture size. You can only set output folder for output data. PNG compression rate will be 26.8%. GIF compression rate will be 16.5 and JPEG compression rate will be 39.3%. This sort of reduction has compression image quality is another matter. It is easy to use and have small in size also.


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