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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

How To Save Picture From Instagram without Uploading It

These days there is a new player in the market Called "Instagram". Instagram is a photo sharing service using which you can follow the people in the same way as on twitter. You just have to make an account and you can follow random people. After that you can comment on the pictures of the people you are following or like them.
What's New About Instagram?
If we look at this then it might look like a simple app but the best thing about instagram which makes it so popular among the prople are its "Editing And Filter Effects" which gets applied everytime when you want to upload any image. These filters are so awesome and good that makes your pic look like a pro. There are almost 15 filters available for every picture you will upload. I have to say one thing that there are a no. Of photo editing apps available in the market but none of them is as impressive as Instagram. So you can use this app For editing pics as well following other people.
The main problem people are facing these days that you cannot download or save pictures from Instagram. This is not allowed to maintain the security of the users. Also if you want to apply any filter to a pic and save it then first you will have to upload it and after that it will be saved in your smartphone. Sometimes we don't want to share it with others but want to be edited. So today i will tell you how to save any filtered picture without uploading it.
Instagram Is available For both Android And iPhone as well as in desktop version i.e. . The following trick works on both platforms.
Step 1. Open your instagram account and select upload Image.
Step 2. Choose the image from gallery and you will see a no. Of filters.
Step 3. Apply any filter according to your choice and click "Done".
Step 4. This is the last stage. Now they will ask you to write a caption for your image in this page. All you have to do is "Turn On The Flight Mode" by pressing side key without closing the Instagram.
Step 5. Now click upload. It will try to upload the image but give an error because the mobile data or internet is not working.
Step 6. This is it. Now cancel upload and Your filtered picture has been saved to Gallery in the Instagram Folder. Go and check it out.
So in this way you can apply Instagram filter to any image and save it without uploading. If you are facing any problem then comment below for help.
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