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Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Top 10 Celebrities of Twitter Followed by people

These days Twitter has become the biggest platform to follow your idle or the person you are a big fan of. If you want to know about the lifestyle or wanna get the latest updates from your favorite celebrity then twitter is here for you. Almost all the biggest actors,models,politicians can be followed on twitter which will guide you through their official twitter accounts. Different people follow stars according to their choice like sportsmen,interest in politics,movies etc. So From a long time twitter has become the most famous and most used sharing platform of world through which you can follow anybody from anywhere. Here is a list of top 10 most followed/popular people/celebs of twitter including their followers & following statistics.
Name: Justin Bieber
Followers: 42,021,372
Following: 122,316
Joined: 52 month ago
Name: Katy perry
Followers: 39,472,699
Following: 122
Joined: 54 month ago
Name: Lady Gaga
Followers: 39,219,372
Following: 135,447
Joined: 55 month ago
Name: Barack Obama
Followers: 34,269,271
Following: 660,515
Joined: 78 month ago
Name: Taylor swift
Followers: 30,947,365
Following: 106
Joined: 56 month ago
Name: Rihanna
Followers: 30,666,573
Following: 967
Joined: NA
Name: Britney Spears
Followers: 29,452,800
Following: 408,178
Joined: 59 month ago
Name: Justin Timber lake
Followers: 22,868,980
Following: 49
Joined: 53 month ago
Name: Shakira
Followers: 21,336,334
Following: 86
Joined: 50 month ago
Name: Jennifer Lopez
Followers: 21,044,854
Following: 331
Joined: 77 month ago


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