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Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Top 5 Alternative Of Google AdSense

If you have use blogger or you have a website maker. You have to make websites to earn money at home. To make the money you have start ads in your website to make money. There have many network which is provided ads but the most like ad network is Google AdSense. But there have more restrictions they have more terms & conditions. To apply the ads and to approved.
 So there have Top 5 Alternative of Google AdSense.
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Here is the list of Top 5 Alternative of Google AdSense

1. Info links:- Infolinks is a global advertising platform offering ad solutions for both publisher and advertisers. infolinks is to customize your campaign and shows ads in website texts. they shows relative ads with respect to words. online blogger and website owners monetize their website with infolinks. There are no minimum requirement of page views.

2. Yahoo Media:- This is also known as Right Media. this ad network is powered by yahoo network.this network is most popular after google this ad network has less restrictions. they do not need page views. To apply this network you fill all details To get the ads codes you have to mail the manager of ad distributor. which is shown in your mail box after apply.

3. Bidvertiser:- This ad network has popular for those sites which has ot approved by google. This network also has some good sponsered advertiser. they pay revenue by CPM and CPC. This network has free join and easily accepted there are no restrictions. you have easily monitor your ad revenue.

4. Clicksor:- This is online contextual advertising ad network. they shows ads inline text as well as picture ads. They have timely payouts on a net 15 basis. they pay money through paypal or through cheque with minimum amount $15. they provide excellent client support like online chats. 10+ ads choices. and 10% comission is provided by referral program.

5. Chitika:- Chitika is the destination lookung to maximum revenue. this network of over 300000 publishers leverage its targetting and optimize technology. this ads perform on their own but also can generate additional revenue when used alongside other ad types and services.

There also have more ad network you also have buy or sell ads with your own basis or through network.


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