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Saturday, 10 August 2013

App To Convert Android Os Into Blackberry Os

If you are using android in your phone. And you feel tired about using android in all day. Then don't vary we have a solution of it. Now we can convert android into blackberry 10. Its really work but they donot work on latest android version like jelly bean. You can use native android code. If you've converted and signed android apps before. It should be easily. You will have a PC To convert follow these steps

Android SDK
You have copy everything from sdk/build tools to sdk /platform tool.
To get Debug Token click here simply request it.
Follow these steps:
1. Download this software click here.
2. Put your debug and fill on install android SDK.
3. Edit y-android2bb.bat and fill install in android SDK.
4.Now just drag any android app on to y-android2bb.bat. A bar has been generated.
Now simply load new .bar file onto blackberry 10 device.


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