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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Earn Money Using Smartmeter Android App

Smartmeter is best apps ever for Android users and apple mobile users. This helps to track your electricity, water and gas meter readings. It also support single rate tariff for electricity and gas meters and dual rate tariff for water meters. Smartmeters apps helps to calculated your usage and charges to show the current and project month billing. It also alerts any fluctuations in energy consumption. If you can use regular this app you can save your bills between 5 to 10%. And if you also run this app all time and you get $3 per month top up for your phone like 100 rs top up monthly. This is easiest method to taking regular reading of your meters and monitor the energy efficiency of electrical appliances.

It allows quick input of tariff and reading. New feature allows upload of tariff, reading, past month charges.
Smart meter are allows recording, editing and deleting of tariffs and reading.
Check for duplicate tariffs and validates data entry for reading.
It also show past month bills.
Download it for Android
Download it for Apple


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