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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

How to convert torrent files into idm files

Today I have to explain some new tricks but all has knows about torrent files. Torrent files has helps to download large file at one file. Torrent used seeding option which helps to keep healthy the very old torrent file. This also work on very slow speed internet. If you have make speed faster then you have get more seeds to become download fastly. Now you have convert .torrent file into idm file. We have some solutions to get convert it.
Zbigz is a popular bit torrent client which allows you to download torrent file into a internet download manager. In this you can put your torrent file and click on get link and get a link to start direct download. It is freely available. And gets download very fast. This is available for premium users at just $10.

Its also works like zbigz there is another site which helps to convert .torrent file into idm file. It upload via which is large torrent holder. You can upload torrent file and put it to download through idm file. It doesn't decrees the speed. It helps to great downloading speed provider like 4 Mb/sec. It an another site which process this that is box


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