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Sunday, 7 July 2013

20 General knowledge Facts Ever

This is the currently Gk facts of 2013. This question is currently asked by SBI, UPSC and other important papers. Here is the Gk Facts of the year 2013.

1. Who is the first president of Chinese republic ?
Ans. Sun yat- send
2. Who is the first chairman of Chinese republic ?
Ans. Mao Tse-tung
3. Which country has the oldest national flag ?
Ans. Denmark
4. Which country has oldest national anthem ?
Ans. Japan
5. Where is the National Defense College Located ?
Ans. New Delhi
6. First American president who won Nobel Prize ?
Ans. Theodore Roosevelt
7. Largest Lake in the world ?
Ans. Caspian Sea
8. Largest fresh water lake in the world ?
Ans. Lake superior
9. Place is known as land of midnight sun ?
Ans. Norway
10. Most abundant metal present in earth ?
Ans. Iron
11. Ind First cricket test match ?
Ans. Lords June 25, 1932. Ind vs Eng
12. Ind First odi match ?
Ans. Leeds July 13,1974. Ind vs Eng
13. Ind First T20 match ?
Ans. Against south Africa 1st Dec
14. Governor- General of independent India.
Ans. Lord Lewis Mountbatten
15. Indian governor general of independent India.
Ans. Chakravarti rajgopalachari
16. First Speaker of loksabha
Ans. Shri GV Mavalankar (15 may 1952- 27 Feb 1956)
17. First vice president of India
Dr. Sarvapalli radhakrishan
18. Place is known as rising of sun?
Ans. Japan
19. Place is known as place of land of midnight sun ?
Ans. Norway
20. Who discovered the harappan site lothal ?
Ans. S.R Rao


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