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Monday, 8 July 2013

Facebook Introduces New Features For Status Update On Desktop

Facebook has introducing new features for desktop and laptop users. This features has added last month and this features is working well in Facebook. This features is loved by users. We explain how's its features works on Facebook. Follow these steps to use these feature at Facebook.

1. Firstly signed in your I'd.
2. Click on Post Portion
3. Click on Smiley which is newly added and automatically shown when open post portion.
4. You have add feeling, watching,eating etc feelings in your status.
5. You can remove feeling by press x and Add watching movie Man of Steel like this status.
6. You have show your real emotions in your Facebook status.
This features has work properly on laptop and I am not sure this feature work on mobile users. So here is the new features which is added by Facebook.


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