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Saturday, 6 July 2013

How To View/Download The Full Size Of A Locked Facebook Profile Picture

Hi friends, sometimes while browsing on facebook we come through random user profiles. Some of these profiles have pictures on them which we find very beautiful and strange. This might be a girl's profile with a cute pic on it that you cannot hold yourself back without seeing it or this could be a newly creative pic which you also want for your profile. So what we do we just click on the pic and do "save image as" to download it.
But in most of the profiles you would notice that the profile pictures are locked by the user in order to avoid the misuse of their picture especially by girls. So "open image" in a new window doesn't work on these profiles. You can save the pic by right clicking but that would be of pretty small resolution you can say that a passport size, no use at all and when you will zoom it, its pixels will start tearing apart.
I have written this post to teach you guys that how to enlarge any locked profile picture on facebook without damaging its pixels.
Just Follow The Below Written Steps:
1. Open the profile of the facebook user whose picture you want to download
For example:
2. When you will save this pic then it will look like as shown below in 160X160 resolution.

3. Now right click on the profile picture and select "Copy Image Location" . This will look like
4. All you have to do is Replace 160x160 with 720X720 in the above copied image url..this will look like
copy this and open in new tab and hit enter....the profile pic is of full size now as shown here..

So by using this trick you can see as well as download any locked profile picture on facebook.
Disclaimer: Use this for education purpose only. Do not misuse it to relieve someone's privacy.


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