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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

How To Install Android Apps In Your PC

We live in a smart world and even there always occurs a problem and its solutions always exists but you just cannot get it if you are not looking in correct direction. So we have to find it . In the previous days I have faced a problem when i didn't have a smart phone or Android phone. But we have to play games and apps in our Laptop through a software which is Bluestack .
This software is used to run all your android apps in your PC. This process to run Android apps in your PC called visualization.
Bluestacks is company which is launched in 2009 with $15 million of investment money from andressen, Horowitz's, radar partners and qualcomm decided to use visualization to bring the use of mobile apps in your PC.
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There is a beta version is launched in critix synergy in 2011. At this time company launched his beta version which is used to visualization mobile to PC apps. In this version the users is the ability to visualization only Android apps into your PC or laptop. It is download by 10 million users. After two years and the company back with new visualization technique. Which is used to run android apps and iOS apps. The run of apps in a big screen is lot of enjoyment. This all apps which is run in blue stack has fastly run then mobile.


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