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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Google Launching New Internet Beaming Balloons: Project Loon

The Google is the future created company or it is a future developed company. Google launching his new technique which is known as Internet Beaming Balloons Or Project Loon. 
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In this project there is a helium filled balloons which is made up of a thin polyethylene film are 15 meters in diameter when fully filled. This balloon is float in the stratosphere about 20 kilometers. This is balloon is released in this week from a frozen field. In the heart of NewZealand south island hardened into shiny pumpkins as they into the blue winter skies above lake Tekapo. To get the entire planet online. Google will control the motion of balloon from the ground. Keep them moving at different winds at different height. To control the motion of balloons they use expensive motors. The balloon is have provided potentially internet access which is cheap, quickly, and widely. In the ground they connect through receiver and there is a transmitter is connect on each balloon which is used to beam down internet on area 1250 square kilometers which is twice the New York City. Managing the flights thousands of them will mind - boggling. So these is the new technique which is Developed by Google.


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