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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Top 5 Most Installed Windows 8 Apps

Now these days the popularity of windows 8 is on high. Windows 8 is most easily operated window and support easily operated apps. You can also operate these apps through touch.
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The above is a screenshot of windows 8 store. It is very time consuming and hard to find out which are the best apps. So Here is the list of Top 5 Most Used Windows 8 Apps.

1. Fhotoroom:
You may have used pixlrexpress in your smartphone. This app is also used to edit the photos like crop, resize, exposure. And it is also used for adding effects like smoke, HD limb etc these effect are download through internet. So these app are most used for editing your photos in windows 8.

2. Tune In:
The name all you know tune in these apps is used for broadcasting radio there have 100 of radio stations. These is most popular radio tool these station are divided into multiple categories. And thousands of language these is most used apps for radio broadcasting among all devices like phone and also PC.

3. News Bento:
This is great app for keeping tabs on multiple news sources. Hundred are available in six categories: News, Business, Tech, Photo & Design, Entertainment. We have mostly used times of India for news but these apps is widely used for windows 8. It can easily add logo, text & logo.

4. Chimpact:
Games are the best suit in the windows 8 apps. Chimpact are used by tablet users. The levels ,collecting bananas, squishing. The game is part Angry birds, part platform and works best on a tablet. Where can you drag your finger across the screen to fire the little critter. Chimpact does not require cheap back seat diversion and also free trials available.

You all have watch cricket and also knows the cricket scores at every minutes so here is the best app you also open cricinfo site to knows the latest cricket score these apps is work easily you can easily check latest update. These app has good arranged tables and also shows future fixtures.
There are also many apps like Skype, star chart, cocktail flow, fresh paint. So have enjoy.


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