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Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Top 5 Free Live Wallpapers Of Android

Wallpapers are the imp part of personalization of phone or tablet homescreen. When it comes to the Android there are lots of Free and Paid live wallpapers available in the Play Store. So i have picked only best and have prepared 5 best free live wallpapers in order to make your homescreen look cool and awesome.
Below are the top 5 Live wallpapers For android devices along with play store links:
1. Sun Rise Free Live Wallpaper
As its name implies it is the wallpaper with a beautiful scenery of the rising time of sun. The wallpaper includes chirping and flying birds, a little sunshine, trees, rainbow etc evaeything that exists during the morning time.
Google Play Download Link: Sun
Rise Free Live Wallpaper
Size : 2.6 MB
2. Under the sea
This wallpaper features attractive views of under water sea surface and other creatures. It is add free and simple but innovative. So download it and get ready for a cool and joyful experience.
Google Play Download Link: Under
the Sea Live Wallpaper
Size: 6.3 MB
3. Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper
This wallpaper features pixeled style raindrops which continously fall on your home screen and create the splash effect as they collapse with surface. You can change the colors of rain drops as well as their shape and size.
Google Play Download Link : Pixel Rain Live Wallpaper
Size : 88 kb
4. Love Critters Lite
Decorate your desktop with critters
like birds and deers giving you
animated hearts in a mild toned
background. This wallpaper gives you the feel of autum in the snowy season.
Google Play Download Link : Love critters Lite
Size : 2.1 MB
5. Photo FX Live Wallpaper
This gives you the power to see your photos in the form of a live wallpaper. Just select the folder of images you want to see and photo fx will drop them one by one in an attractive manner and will act like a LWP.
Google Play Download Link :Photo FX Live Wallpaper
Size: 2.3 MB


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