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Monday, 20 May 2013

How To Create A Windows 8 Bootable USB Stick | Install Windows 8 Using Pendrive For Quick Installation

With the advent of technology need of better methods and techniques have increased. There was a time when people use DVD's to install window in their laptop or pc. But due to the growing technology this fashion is obsolete now and everybody use usb's or pendrives for this purpose. And most people are using windows 8 these days so My post is about windows 8.
Benefits Of Using USB instead Of CD/DVD:
1. It will not harm your DVD writer due to the regular use because it has nothing to do with DVD slot.
2. Installation becomes 5 times quicker than the Normal method.
So today i will show you how to make a Bootable Windows 8 Pendrive for quick installation.
1. Windows 8 disc image in .iso format. Download Here
2. An 8 GB usb flash drive.
3. Bootable maker software.
Just follow the Steps below:
1. Download Windows 7 USB-DVD Tool From here. Don't get confuse with its name. It's just have 7 in its name but it is used to make a windows 8 bootable pendrive.
2. Install it and open it.
3. Attatch USB.
4. Now in fisrt Step browse for the .iso image of windows 8 and click next.
5. In next step which is choose media type click on" USB device"
6. Then select your USB from the drop down list and Click on Begin Copying.
7. That's it. Process has been started and it will take 15-25 mins to complete.
8. After that remove your usb and it is a Windows 8 Bootable USB now. Install windows with it by giving the boot priority as First to the USB-HDD in the list.
9. can keep it as it is to avoid following the above steps everytime if you want.
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This will save a lot of your time and will also result in quick and headache free installation.


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