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Sunday, 19 May 2013

25 Must Have Windows 8 Shortcuts Cheat Sheet | Windows 8 Keyboard Shortcuts

Shortcuts perform a very important role in quick operation of any process. Almost all the operating systems have hidden shortcuts which make it faster while working.

Need For Shortcuts in Windows 8:
1.  Like all other operating systems the Microsoft’s newest release ‘Windows 8’ also contain a huge amount of shortcuts. Firstly as we know that windows 8 doesn’t have a start button like windows 7 and other previous operating systems. Hence many people finding it difficult to work on windows 8 due to the lack of the options on the desktop or as provided by the start menu. 

2. Secondly windows 8 comes with a metro user interface. No doubt it is an incredible part of the new window’s features that introduces innovation and freshness. But an unskilled user cannot easily understand what to do if one has to switch between the Metro UI and desktop screen. 

In order to eliminate all the above problems which occur during working on windows, it is must for a regular computer user that he or she should know about all the “Windows Start Menu” as well as “Windows Classic Desktop Keys” shortcuts.

I am here to help you guys with these shortcuts. These are just amazing and will make you say “Really!! This is so awesome”. I have provided two lists of shortcuts. One is for the catering of start menu absence and other is to make the desktop switching smooth and reliable.

Windows Start Menu Shortcuts:

Shortcut keys                     Their Actions

WIN KEY                         Toggles between Desktop and Start Menu 

Esc Key                      if you have the Desktop running it will exit to desktop whenever in Start Menu 

WIN KEY +,                    Provides Peak of Desktop if open 

WINKEY + B                  Switch to the Windows Desktop and select the tray notification area. 

WIN KEY + C                 Display Charms and notification  

WIN KEY + D                 Switch to the Windows desktop and toggle Show Desktop (hides/shows any
                                          applications and other windows). 

WIN KEY + E                 Switch to the Windows desktop and launch Windows Explorer with
                                         Computer view displayed. 

WIN KEY+ F                            Search Files using the new Windows Search pane.

WIN KEY + I                            Display Settings pane for the Start screen. 

WIN KEY + L                           Lock PC and return to Lock screen. 

WINKEY + M                          Minimize the selected Explorer window. 

WINKEY + O                           Toggle orientation switching on slate and tablet PCs. 

WINKEY + P                           Display the new options for items like projectors. 

WIN KEY + Q                         Search within Apps using the new Windows Search pane. 

WINKEY + R                           Switch to the Windows desktop and display the Run box. 

WINKEY + U                          Switch to the Windows desktop and launch the Ease of Access Center. 

WINKEY + X                          Switch to the Windows desktop and Administrative tools. 

WINKEY + Z                          Display the App Bar in a Metro-style app. 

WIN KEY + 1, WIN KEY + 2,  WIN KEY + 3 ,,,,   Launches each of the classic desktop Task Bar apps from Left to right.

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Windows Classic Desktop Shortcut Keys:

WIN KEY + .                                       List all Running Apps

WIN KEY + W              Search Settings using the new Windows Search pane. Defaults to Settings 

WINKEY + Left or Right Arrow       Aero Snap Moves position of selected app 

WINKEY + Up Arrow                       Will Maximize Selected App

WINKEY + Down Arrow    Will Change app from Maximize to Normal then to Task Bar of Selected 


I hope these shortcuts will help in saving your precious time and make you look like a pro while working on windows 8. 


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