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Friday, 17 May 2013

How To Hide A File In Android Phone Without Using Any Software

This is a simple but much needed trick for an android user. Every android user must know about this procedure in order to maintain his privacy. Android phones are the kind of devices which contains almost everything about your personal life like pictures, docs, videos and many other things. And no one would like to reveal his or her private life in front of others. Sometimes people suddenly ask for our phone and we can’t refuse them because of the relations we have with them. But giving someone your phone means that person has full control of your personal life. So in these situations it becomes necessary that you should know about hiding your personal things so that you can reserve your personal matter.

This trick doesn’t require any app. It’s a simple thing that even an unskilled user can perform. So below are the steps to hide your files in Android phone.

Step1. Go to the file or folder you want to hide.

Step2. Long press on it and select rename or choose rename by any other file.

Step3. Now just write a dot (.) at the starting of the file name before any other alphabet.

          For Example: if your file name is image01, then just rename it to .image01 and press OK.
          (It should be noted that you have to write. symbol instead of dot)

Step4. In file manager, Select options and go to settings and unmark Show Hidden Files tab.

Step5. Your files are hidden now. You can unhide them anytime by renaming them again.

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