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Friday, 17 May 2013

Top 5 Temple Run Like Games For Android (Alternatives For Temple Run)

Millions of people Like To Play Temple Run But there are often times when You Feel get bored of Playing Same Game And following Same Path Every time. So will tell you what are the top 5 alternative Games to Temple Run if you do not feel playing the Temple run interesting anymore.
So Here Is The List Of Top 5 Temple Run Look Like Games Along With A Little Description Of Each.

Name: Running Fred

Description: This Game Is The Sequel Of Falling Fred. It comes first on the tricksmate in the top 5 list. Fred is Back With A New Host Of Painful Antics.This Game Is pretty much Similar to Temple Run.The Fred Is Small In size And Run To Protect Himself From Ghosts. This Game Is Available In Google Play Store for Free. I have Added The Google Play Store link in the name above if you want to check it out.

Average Rating: 4.5/5

Name: Agent Dash

Description: This Game Is Made By The Makers Of Popular Flick Golf & Flick Soccer Games Inc..It Comes In The Category Of The Most Intensive And Entertaining Games.You Choose Your Mission & Destroy Any Enemies Based On Your Sprint Through Gorgeous Environment.You Will Use Your Agent Skills To Find Enemies & To Destroy Them. This Game Is Free Available In Google Play Store.

Average Rating: 4.5/5

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Name: Subway Surfers

Description: This is The Only Game Which Have Achieved Editor's Choice. This Game Is Also In The List Of Top 10 Games Shown On Google Play Store Every Time. It has Recently been updated to new tracks and also other versions of this game are released just a few weeks ago which gives you the capability to surf through Different Countries. This Game Is Freely Available In Store. It May be noted that this one has the highest user rating till now.

Average Rating: 4.7/5

Name: Angry Gran 2

Description: This game is somewhat different from others because in this your avatar will be 70 years old granny instead of a funky young guy.In This Game Granny Has Locked Away In The Angry Asylum By Fred The Agent White. The Granny Has Found The Escape Path. And You Should Have To Guide The Granny For His Escape.The Game Features Run, Jump,Troll Etc.

Average Rating:4.5/5

Name: Aby Escape

Description: Aby Escape Is The Story Of Raccoon.The Tag Line Of This Game Is Run Aby Run! This Is Fully 3-D Based Game.There Are Two Versions Of This Game Are Available. First Is Aby Escape Which Is Free Of Cost In Play Store.The Second Is The Aby Escape Deluxe Which Is Paid One. You can try the free version if you want to check it out. In This Game Aby Runs To Safe Himself From Pursuit By The Hunters In The Forest or By The Police Or Bikers In City.

Average Rating:4.6/5

Note: All These Top 5 Game Results Are Based On Google Play Store User Reviews And Their Popularity Among the People Worldwide.



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