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Friday, 10 May 2013

Facebook Home may become Popular Android hit as it is near to reach 1 million downloads.

The company presented some stats that Home increases Facebook use by roughly 25 percent over manual app.
Facebook Vice announced that Home users spend 25 percent more time on Facebook using Home and post 25 percent more comments and hit likes, according to a recent survey.
"Chat Heads," the awesome bobble head message feature, increase users participation in chat by 7 percent and increase no. of messages sent among them by 10 percent, Ondrejka said ( Vice President of Facebook)
What's Coming New?
Facebook also confirmed that some new features will be added to Home in future updates, but they didn't tell when would be the next update available
But future updates will include a deeper tutorial for new users, a "dash bar"  kind a seperate column that will make it easier to start new chats, and a dock that will give users more satisfactory access to their apps.
It is clear that Facebook Home is trying something we can't ignored like iOS, but that isn't going to make google happy.
News With Facebook attempting to take over an entire OS with Facebook Home, if it's true then facebook would be looking to add social map functionality in the future in their upcoming facebook integrated phones.
I think its high time for Google to realize what's happening in social market if they don't want to be overruled by Facebook.


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