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Friday, 10 May 2013

Get a chance to Win Free Mobile Recharge Daily (Tested)

Everybody is looking for services who can give them free mobile recharge as telecom companies have increased their rates making people difficult to maintain their bugdet.
So i have found this website from where you can get free recharge if you are lucky enough.
The website name is Everyday different no.'s are issued by them containing digits from 3 to 7.You just open the website and after entering your no., click on check. If your mobile no.s last digits matches exactly to the no. released by them then you will get a recharge of rs. 10 to 100 depending upon how many digits of your number have matched to their issued.
No Registration! No Signup Required.
For example: If todays last 7, 6, 5, 4, 3 digit offer codes are 1234567, 679901, 67890, 4567, 367 respectively and if your mobile number ends with any of those offer numbers, then you are lucky for the respective recharge voucher.
An example as shown below:
###1234567 - Get Rs.100 worth free recharge.
####679901 - Get Rs.050 worth free recharge.
#####67890 - Get Rs.030 worth
free recharge.
######4567 - Get Rs.020 worth
free recharge.
#######367- Get Rs.010 worth
free recharge.
As shown in the example above, if
your mobile number is
9041267890 and if last 5 digits
matches the todays offer code,
then your number will be
recharged with Rs.30 by following
few simple steps.
So just check your luck everyday. Who knows when your no. Matches to their offer code and you'll be rewarded.


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