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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

How to Install iMessage on Android

Now we all used Android phones. There are so many messengers are in the phones like whatsapp, we chat etc. This all app has mostly used today. But there is another app for messenger called I messenger. This app is good looking and new chat emotions. How to install iMessenger in your phones.

 So have follow these steps to install it.
1. Download the app in the Google Play Store.
2. Install the driver in your device on your computer. It will done automatically when you connect your USB. If not then install suitable mobile brand drivers in your computer.
3. Click on Mass Storage when you connect in PC .
4. From PC copy paste your apk file into your phone storage or SD card.
5. From the device launch your file manager and tap on apk file.
6. This has ask to install the app in your Android device.
Now you will open app and it may create new I'd through phone.


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