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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Best Mail Apps For Android

Now we have done all type of works like Bills, account confirmation all things done through mails. There very less offices has not online what're all offices has online. Online cheques and online confirmation has done. We have Gmail account to access our email account. But there are many apps in Android which has open Gmail in your device. Here is the list of Top 2 Email apps for Android.

1. k-9 mail
This is open source email client with search. It also support push email, multi folder sync. And also support flagging and filling and bcc self. This community developed project. It completely erase the local copy of your mail and redownload it. It select recreate data. Any mail that's on your device but not on your server deleted.
2. Aqua mail
This is a email app.Which operate in android 2.1 or more than this. It supports any email services like pop3,smtp,imap. It also support push mails which supports Gmail. Plays well with other email programme that you may be using to access your imap mailbox. You can save attachment in to your memory card. It enables widget. And message auto fit features are enable in this app. Integration with light flow and enhanced sms and caller I'd , cloud print etc. You can use this app through wifi and mobile connection. You can also add more than two account.


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