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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Top 5 Bollywood Movies Of Year 2013

This all result are based upon his user rating and voting. There are highest percentage of rating are above 7 rating. This movie rating are based on user rating. There are many movies are released this year. We review the Top 5 Bollywood Movies This Year 2013.
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1. Aashiqui 2
In this movie there are two best singers are Rahul and Aarohi. They both are love but rahul has loss his fame and popularity but aarohi achieved his name and popularity. This is small movie and heart touching movie.
Rating: 79.4/100

2. Special 26
This is based on real story and this is based on 1980 faked CBI rades on ministers. There are one man which is Adu as akshay Kumar. Is clever in last fake rade in the Jewellery shop which is protected by real CBI officers which are helpless against fake team.
Rating: 89.3/100

3. Bhaag Milkha Bhaag
This is true story of fly Sikh milkha Singh which has achieved the title as on based. Farhan akhtar as milkha Singh. The great Olympian milkha Singh has sell his story at just Rs 1.
Rating: 93.1/100

4. Raanjhanaa
In this there is a small town banaras boy kundan has loved as young state with zoya as sonam kapoor but they donot tell that to zoya. But zoya love with jagjeet Singh how has political leader but they die and kundan also die in this movie. Heart touching movie.
Rating: 88.4/100

5. Kai PO che
This is movie of three friends and they live in Gujarat and this story is based on 2000 story of Gujarat . Gujarat has suffer with earthquake and terror against Hindu and Muslim in this years. Three friends there is one friend has murdered second friend but he sacrifice his death. This movie is based on this story.
Rating: 88/100
This all result based on movie experts and its reviews.


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