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Monday, 22 July 2013

How to lock your windows8 using picture password

Window 8 has create his large network. Now we can use picture password in window 8. Windows has many feauters which is not know to ours. The one of its is picture password protection. If you are make signing more personal then you set a picture password of it. You choose picture and also draw shapes which is infinite. Picture password are more secure from hackers then our traditional writing passwords. You can draw a picture in your screen with your finger touch screen. And you can also use a mouse to create the shapes.

 You can set this features easily by following this features:
1. From setting charm, click change PC setting and then click users.
2. Under sign in click on create on picture password and then follow instructions.
3. Do not make picture password harder and difficult which is not quickly draw into the screen.
4. Picture password are available in three gesture like circle, straight line and taps. And this is combination of this threes. The good idea is that you create a simple picture password.


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