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Thursday, 4 July 2013

Best Tv Guide App For Android & iPhone | Check Out What's Broadcasting Now

Today i would tell you guys about a strange but very useful android/iphone app. This app is available on the Google play Store/App store by the name of " WHAT'S-ON-INDIA ". Before discussing about this app I must tell you that this is for People living in India only because it contains information about indian tv channels.
As its name WHAT'S-ON-INDIA indicates that it is an app which would tell you about the Tv channel schedules for the next 8-10 days. By using this app you can check out what would be broadcasting on a particular channel at a particular time of your choice. You can simply pick a channel and can check out the Shows or schedule for the complete next week. As I live in a place where the electricity cuts are common things, so this app has been very helpful for me to ckeck the next schedule of missed shows or movies which I could not watched full due to electricity cut. Plus the above features this app gives you a lot of cool options to make your work easier and upto date. Have a look at these features.
1. Editor's Pick- You will know about the best rated shows in this section.
2. Now Running- This option will help you finding whats currently being displayed on a channel.
3. Weekend- It contains schedule for weekend shows of different channels.
4. Upcoming- This is best as it tells about the new launching and coming soon shows.
5. Categories- Using this you can select a category of show from many categories, then it will tell you about the shows related to the selected category only like regional or action etc.
You can download this app from the Google Play store/App Sore link given below absolutely free.
             Google Play Store
            App Store For iPhone
So next time if you want to know what is best to watch anytime then just open this cool app and give a search among all the available channels in India.


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