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Friday, 5 July 2013

Best iPhone Apps Of The Year 2013 So Far

We have updated apps of iPhone weekly. There are many apps for iPhone. These apps are our favorites. These are best out of half million apps.
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Here is the list of Top 5 iPhone Apps
1. Tempo Run
This app is loving app ever. This app is the motivating power of music. This app matches the tempo of your tunes. You can choose your own music collection. It also available radio. This app will your track basic information. Such as distance and speed. This also mentioned your weight, height and age when you put it. Also show your previous run summary. This is best app for athletes.

2. Mailbox
Do you ever feel crushed to maintain the weight of your inbox. A simple system of swipes and taps allows you to zoom through your inbox at speed. You can forward the messages just swipe the inbox messages. Like a snooze button is able. You can delete all mails at just one click. You can easily reply the message.

3. Stow
If you planning for a trip. Then you can safety check your house. This is packing list app which is able you don't forget your campaign tent, accessories. In this app there are different template which helpful you to don't forget weather of site and accessories which is used in camp. It is customize at your own basis and uses.

4. Waze
Why you waste your time in traffic. When you have solutions of this problem. Waze is supplying you with access to real time traffic information. This app navigation system offers you voice instructions and auto update re route. You can also add your friends to follow your routes. This is best working app for big cities which has traffic is a comman problem.

5. Camera+
Camera+ is best app for photographers which is looking for get more clearity and add more features in your photos. You can allow exposure, line up shots, cropping. This option shown after you capture the photo in your camera. It is work like a professional. You can shearing and networking services of your photos. This is best editing apps for iPhone.


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