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Sunday, 23 June 2013

YouTube Streaming Live Wimbledon Matches 2013 starting From June 24

Its a revolution for tennis lovers.After the recent conformation of Google's video sharing service, Tennis fans will be able to watch Wimbledon 2013 live via YouTube using this service.
Keeping in mind the aim that you skip any of the Tennis action from tgmhe popular and amazing grass court tournament, YouTube has started a service to stream matches live and direct from Wimbledon 2013, with the official Wimbledon YouTube channel to let fans enjoy all the latest action staring the likes of Andy Murray, Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.
Free Channel:
This youtube channel is completely free of cost to users. Also they will provide the special highlights packages after matches. Users will also get the experience of classic matches chosen by youtube likes and other ratings. If you want some more then here is another surprise for you because youtube could also unveil some of the behind the scenes footage.
Official quote from Youtube:
“This year Wimbledon’s YouTube channel will have exclusive access throughout The Championships on Live @ Wimbledon,” an official blog post from YouTube has confirmed.
The official YouTube announcement added: “Catch the key moments of the tennis, interviews, behind the scenes and press conferences throughout the Wimbledon fortnight.
Sony confirmed earlier this year that they are trailing 4K feature at this year's Wimbledon."We're really excited about 4K, it's definitely something the public are going to love. Wimbledon would be looking even more awesome as it is going ti switch from SD to HD technology.


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