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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Get Smarter Your Socks, Ring & Watches

In the future, there are so many devices going to be launched. These devices has to wear and these devices Re full of enjoyment . The smart Socks, Ring and Watch.
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Socks: The American company Hipsilon says that the company has developed socks which will balance the body during walk and running. Hipsilon company developer has first work on Microsoft health division. These people say that these socks cloth has a fitted sensor. These sensors works on wearing people feet who will run and walk. These socks can be easily washed.
Ring: Chinese company shanda says that his company developed a ring which is helpful to unlock your smart phone. And you can easily send your data to another person. The company has fitted a accessories navigator chip uses . These device has used as a smart camera remote control. This is uses as a password. This year end this ring is able to unlock other phones. This ring has long validity like 99 years uses. There is no need to charge.
Watch: shanda has launched android based watch . In this device there is a app which is helpful to know your weather conditions. This watch is use as a smartphone camera remote control. This ring booking will start in July.


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