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Friday, 28 June 2013

How To Unlock The Forgotten Pattern Or Password Lock Of Android

What is Pattern Lock?
Pattern lock is a kind of combination in which users must input the pre set combination every time to get access to their phones.
Boost up Your Knowledge:
Android is the Linux based operating system. On android Phones We generally set passwords or pattern locks for our security reasons. But sometimes it becomes necessary to break into someone's device to see if they have something against you or your girlfriend is cheating on you. So in that case your only solution is that you must know his or hers phone password or pattern to unlock their device. Its almost impossible to guess the right password or pattern. So our only hope then lies in breaking the password or pattern to invade into device. So this post will tell you about that how can you unlock The Pre set Pattern or Password protected phone without knowing the Above two security aspects.
Note: I request all readers that this trick is for education purpose only. Do not make wrong use of this and apply this only in case of situation when you are out of all your options.
To unlock pattern follow the steps below:
1. Click on Power Button To Shut Off/Switch off Your Phone.
2. Then switch On The Phone And Click on Up Volume button and hold it.
3. Simultaneously Press the Power Button and Home Key along with volume button pressed.
4. There is Home Access Screen is open or you will enter into settings. Use Home screen button to up/down the screen
5. Then click on Remove All user data or Factory reset option.
6. This will unlock your pattern as well as the set password will also be removed if it is set.
Risk Factor: Although the risk factor is almost negligible but even then Use it on your own risk. Tricksmate will not be responsible for any kind of malfunction or damage to your device.


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