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Sunday, 25 August 2013

tTorrent Pro | Free Download Android Apk

tTorrent is the most famous Bittorrent client for Android Based platform. You can download anything through ttorrent app from the any torrent site like we use bittorrent on the desktop. Just install this in your android phone and open the torrent file with it and your file will be start downloading right on your device. This mobile based version of bittorrent helps users to download any torrent file which is avalable for desktop. This works exactly in the same way as utorrent on desktop. It just uses your wifi connection or mobile data for downloading.
tTorrent is available in lite and pro versions. Pro version has the following advantages over lite version.

Features Of Pro Version:
1. Unlimited downloading speeds in pro version.
2. Works on both wifi and mobile data but (lite version supports only wifi or wi-max connection)
3. Pro version is free of annoying ads.
4. Can download a no. Of torrents at a time in both.
5. Can select a single file to download out of multifle files torrent (this is also available in both versions)
There a bunch of other features which you can check out here in Google Play Store.
tTorrent pro is available in the play store for $3.99. It has a user rating of 4.7/5.
But Here on Trickhub you can download it absolutely free. Click on the Download Link below to get it.

              Download Here


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