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Tuesday, 6 August 2013

How To Redirect Your Godaddy Domain Into Blogger

Blogger is used to blogging but there is there is different and difficult URL are provided by blogger like tricks these are difficult to write in a address bar but there are some users are redirect to custom domain like trickhub.Com. but there are little bit difficult to redirect. We have solution to redirect go daddy domain into blogger.

 To redirect follow these steps:
1. Open your blogger account.
2. Click on setting. Now click on custom domain and Advanced setting.
3. Open your Go daddy account. And click launch domain which is buy by you.
4. Then open DNS Manager and click launch.
5. Now come back to blogger when you put domain. There is a CNAME is given to you and also labal are Given to you.
6. Now come back to go daddy account DNS Manager and click on add record.
7. There is window open in which you fill name. First select CName alias. Then fill name which is shown in blogger screen first like www. And also fill label through copy paste.
8. Repeat this procedure again and fill second as first filled through add record.
9. Now go blogger and click save. And hence its save. And your blog will redirected to domain.


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