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Monday, 5 August 2013

How to create an Undeletable, Unrenameable Folder in Windows

I am going to tell you about this cool and awesome trick of windows. I am sure that most of you will not be aware of this possibility. It is possible to make an undeletable and unrenameable folder in windows operating system without any software. So if you want to create these kind of folders and amaze your friends then follow the steps below.

Try to make a new folder and name it con, aux,lpt1, lpt2 up to lpt9. Windows will not allowed to make you a folder with any of these names because these words are kept reserved in windows and are not allowed to be used by users

PROCEDURE TO CREATE Un-deletable & Un-renamble  Folders:

1. From start menu click On Run To open it.

2. Now type cmd and hit enter to open command prompt.

3. One thing is that you cannot create this folder in the Directory in which your windows is installed i.e. C:  in most cases. So you have to select any other drive.

4. Type D: OR F: or any other available directory in command prompt and hit enter.

5. Type md lpt1\ and hit enter. You will see that a folder has been created in the selected directory having name lpt1.

You can use any other names like aux.con,lpt2 etc.

Now if you will try to rename the folder or delete it then it will show you the error message and you wont be able to delete it.

How to delete this folder?

It is not possible to delete that folder manually by delete option. It can be deleted only on the same way it was created. Follow the steps:

1. Open command prompt.

2. Type F: OR drive name in which you created that folder and hit enter.

3.  Type rd lpt1\ and hit enter. (rd-remove directory)

4. Open that directory and your folder has been disappeared and removed permanently.


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