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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Facebook Chat Heads now available for Samsung Galaxy Y and HTC Wildfire

Famous Facebook messenger feature chat heads is now available for more devices. Chat heads are the most liked feature of new Facebook messenger. In chat heads feature whenever somebody will send you a message on Facebook then a bubble will pop up having that person’s image with in it and indicating that new message has received. This will work when you are out of messenger means you are not using messenger app but something else. In simple words this is like an alert of incoming message but from Facebook account. You can click on that bubble to see the message or you can drag it to the bottom to disappear it. In all the ways you have been notified about the new message.


Google Play store Link

Now you will be glad to know that this feature is also available for low end Samsung galaxy devices like Galaxy Y, Galaxy STAR etc. Including HTC Wildfire models. When the Facebook launched this feature of chat heads then this was available only for ICS Supportive devices or above tat like Samsung galaxy S4 etc. But after seeing the popularity of this feature now they have also introduced this unique and cool feature of chat heads for low resolution devices and supports Android Os 2.3 Gingerbread.
So if you have not updated your Facebook messenger then update it now from the Google Play store and Have fun with this cool and awesome chat heads feature.


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