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Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Why Tumblr is Becoming Popular ?

Tumblr is becoming much popular because Tumblr is a social networking website. This site is foundated at Feb 2007. This site is founded by David Karp and there is 175 employees are work on this company. Tumblr has there great logo there is a micro blogging website. This service allows users to post multimedia. This site has follows other blog users sites. The tumblr has hosted 108 million blogs. Tumblr has sold by David to the yahoo at approx $1.1 billion.
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History of tumblr
Tumblr site has began in 2006 during a two week gap between contract at David karp software company. Former producer by Fred seibert frederator studio. Tumblr has creating their own tumble logging platform. There is no one done in the first they work on own blog. Tumblr was launched in Feb 2007. And within this site gained around 75000 users. In June 2012 this company has featured his first ad campaign with Adidas. Adidas launched his own tumblr blog.
Features of tumblr
Dashboard is the primary tool for users it is recent post that the blog follows. Users are able to comment or reblog the post appear on dashboard. You can add photos ,videos and text in to blog through dashboard. Users are able to apply scheduled the post to publish. Tumblr has able to set HTML coding theme at their own basis. This app is available at Play Store. For Android users and iOS users. There are having sizable amount of pornography . tumblr has $125 million of funding. Tumblr has spam and security proof.


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