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Sunday, 14 July 2013

Top 5 WordPress Themes Of Year 2013

There is many themes of WordPress. But we have apply the best themes in my website. We have show some themes which is achieved Top position in the previous months.
There are some cool themes shown below:
5. Ever After

Ever after is marketed as a wedding theme, there is a limited appeal. There is nothing about design. This theme is designed by automatic. You like its style and design.

4. Emphaino
There is a pinterest style themes and its more popular. This site is designed for image heavy site. This theme is designed for photographs lovers.

3. Expressions
This is simple but attractive theme. This is for no of purposes. This is a bold slide theme. This is fully responsive and there is drop-shadow effect.

2. Visual
This theme is for largely images. Visual is showcase images theme. Art work and images are good arrange in this theme this theme also have two varients like light and dark.

1. Sidekick
Sidekick is a child theme of super hero. This theme is developed by automatic. There is a single column theme if you need a slidebar you will need to there is single column layout.


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