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Wednesday, 3 July 2013

How To Get Your Aadhar Card Quickly

Aadhar card is the government of India new program. This is a new service which is helpful to peoples. Through Aadhar card you can easily give sim card, driving license etc. Aadhar is the unique identification of any person.
Aadhar card is apply in many some private society or this work is gave to some private company to submit or apply the aadhar card. This aadhar card can provide you easily rashan and all other services which is ownered by Government of India.

If the person donot give his aahar card but his aadhar card is printed in press but donot dispatched by post office. Then we have solution of this problem. Now you can get your card through online.
To get the aadhar card follow these steps:-
1. Open website
2. Now select e-aadhar in page.
3. There is window open. Now fill all fields which is given in your card apply slip.
4. Then click submit.
There is aadhar card is shown when your card is ready. Then print the aadhar card. This card is fully valid in all fields.


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