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Thursday, 18 July 2013

How To Disable Your Winrar Password

Winrar is a software which is used to extract rar files of your computer. Because rar is an archive format of file . It is compress version of any file called rar file. It used less space in your PC. It used for secret file to hide in computer. It is a powerrful tool to create manage and archive filesSome times I have set a password in the rar file. And after a long time when we open a file we forget the password so don't vary about it. There is software in the market which is used to break the rar file password.

 To disable the password follow these steps:
1. Download the rar password recovery software. To download click here.
2. Install it on your computer.
3. Open it when it is in running state.
4. Click and open the rar password main window.
5. Select the rar file which password is forget by you.
6. Click start button in right of open button on the top of the window.
Also mention the maximum and minimum length of the password. This software has find the rar file password. And disable its file password. Have enjoy guyz.


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