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Thursday, 27 June 2013

Top 5 Games For Mac OS

In the previous post we have to discuss about the topic Top 5 3D Games For Android. Now we have to come with new stuff Top 5 Games For Mac. There are many games played in Mac. But we play best game among all. The Mac account deal with a big portion of technology. The developers of gaming world also develop the game for Mac.
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Here is The List Of Top 5 Games For Mac OS
1. Torchlight
This is a smaller version of Diablo 2. This is slash games the game developer has add few more touches to create this game more addictive. You can play like two or three character. A mine beneath the city of torch light. In this game the people has magical ability. Mines are ruined places and gardens. The other strangers are filled with monsters. There is player accompanied by a pet which carry extra items, heal and sell off unwanted treasure without the player.

2. Diablo 3
This is the one of the best action game. Diablo provides new features, game play changes and another adventure in the dark world. Addition of new drafting and skill run. You had to deal with in the prior games. The auction house of this game may hurt enjoyment of player. Beneath its problem. The game is still good action game.

3. Machinarium
diminutive robot protagonist Josef finds himself in what appears to be a junkyard. This made by a clear cartoonish flashbacks. That some bad robots wearing black hats. There is a strong armed robot himself out of the city. The blackhat brotherhood has planted a bomb in the city. There is a big puzzle to find the bomb and disarm the bomb to diffuse. This is also a good game and very player by Mac users.

4. Left 4 Dead Series
This game are related to plethora of zombie. There are no one blamed the player for sick and tired of all lurching and shambling. A player is needed his co player. To respawn in a locked closet. But they want healing but they do not get any type of medicine. Lure is infected and away from teammates with a pipe bomb. Needs of team works finding guns and defibrillators.

5. Star craft 2:Wings of Liberty
This is a sequel of star craft 1. It is launched at same time in two platforms of IOS and Mac. It way across the Terran dominion. Campaign keeps the games interesting. Units are remain largely the same with some additional specialized units available only for campaign. This is not a regular multi player. There is also a map editor to edit the map and mark points on map. This is best game ever in all platforms.


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