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Sunday, 30 June 2013

Top 5 Best IPhone Games Ever

Today, we found you some new and best iPhone games ever. This games are playable on all iOS devices. These game result suggested by professional.
Here The List Of Top 5 IPhone Games Ever
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1. Dead Ahead
This is zombie themed games endless runner. This game is develop by creater of parking mania. The dead are coming for you. Its time to find ride and drive a life. Zombies are hungry to eat you and heel. You can visit to garage to upgrade your vehicle. There are also smart weapons against dead. Leading ramps and complete the mission.

2. Sorcery
You can choose your own adventure story from Steve jackson . This is four part series but this is one part of game. Land of monsters , traps. This is designed by Steve Jackson by studio of lion head. This is award winning studio . This is tell your journey at real time. This is fly based game and music by David wise.

3. Frozen Synapse
This tricky based strategy game. This is announced in 2011. This available in multi player. This is award winning tactical game. In this game you give accurate orders to your squad you can plan your moves and test them then hit prime button. Single player campaign means that frozen synapse will give you hour to tactical delight. This good game as professional point of view.

4. Zoombies: Animales de la Muerte
Zombies are action filled to defense the formula. In this game serious case of undeath. They hope to cut but zombies are overrunning. There are pair of school kides whose find themselves most twisted. Zoombies bodies are simple but they challenge master they armed with hatchets, roman and candles. You will trace patch his fingers scan. Each level has set timing. You can protect your friends from zombies.

5. Draw Something 2
This is sequal of drawing game. This is smash hit drawing game. 100 millions has draw his way and share with friends. You can add pattern and stamps and colors. You can create master piece into simple drawing . Follow your friends and share your friend this drawing. This is simple drawing game.


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