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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Top 3 Screen Recording Softwares For Windows

The screen recording are those software which is used to record your own computer screen. This works by professional this software is used by those people which is big fan of upload own videos in the Facebook. For Example : we see or search the title how to unlocked the iPhone in you tube. This video is captured by a software which helps to capture our own home screen. And we follow the steps to unlock iPhone .
So Here Is The List Of Top 3 Screen Recording Software For Windows
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1. Bandicam
Bandicam is makes it possible to record a certain area of your computer. This software uses Directx graphical technology. This software video quality is like original captured video. These helps to video recording of games and videos. This software supports MPEG 1 video codec support. Avi video format support. Fps limit this software recorded video size is much smaller than other. You can upload video on YouTube. You can record over 24 hours video at one time.
  2. Cam studio
Cam studio is a free screen recording software. This is good than bandicam. This software is record your screen as well as audio. Of the screen this supports Avi format and SWF producer. You can use it record any installation process of any software. Cam studio is also add high quality screen caption to your recording in seconds and with unique video annotation features. They produce much smaller size compared to others. You can download it completely free of cost.

3. Ezvid
This also a screen recording software. Which is built with video editing software. You can add effect and text in your video . You can create a slide show effect. And you can also upload video on YouTube. For gaming there are also available a gaming mode which is used to record your gaming experience and also windowed mode available which helps you to record your windows activity in screen. You can also add voice in video through video editor. If you have add no music then this is silent machine mode. This supports Avi format. And you can easily download.


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