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Tuesday, 25 June 2013

Facebook Introducing Searchable Hashtags Like Twitter

Facebook has announced that launching ability to follow conversation through hashtags. It is blog post announcing the new features. A hash tag is a symbol # which is form a Meta tag. This is a small or micro blogging services.
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Firstly this service is used in twitter, flicker, Google+. Now this March this features is added on Facebook. You can used hash tag like this #TricksMate you can search any content just put the topic name after the hashtag . Hash tag is mostly used in unmoderate ad- hoc discussion forums. There are more accurate to search the conversation. Hash tags is also uses on instagram to post the photos on this. You can search easily there is no use to categoried the search you only search content after the hash tag. There is non- short-message- oriented services. Company notes that there is 88 million American are using the service during prime time television hours. There is donot provide service like twitter and Google+. Facebook works similarly on Facebook graph search. You will see the comment that you are authorized. You can included hash tags in friends post only. By using hash tag you can search the content and there is link added in the hashtag content. Hash tag are also with advertising. They are way to extend the value and reach of advertising. Facebook does not allow this at this time. So there is the real time marketing.


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