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Sunday, 12 May 2013

"Running With Friends" Now Available For iPhone/iOS

Official News:
The popular games developer company Zynga declared in the first quarter of this year that they have future plans on a new “with friends” game concept called Running with Friends. So the wait is over now and the game "Running with Friends" is officially available On app store.The game is set in Spain.
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Features Of Game:
In this game, you’ll be running through the busy streets of Pamplona Spain.As the Spain is here so The Running of the bulls of course in the game.You’ll help to guide your avatar throughout the game to collect stars and avoid obstacles by swiping on the screen left/right to change lanes, as well as to jump and slide. It would be a lot of fun to pass your time.
You won’t even need to tilt your devicec left/right to change the direction since all of the lane changing can be done with a simple swiping. I am sure that you should like it so give it a try, its available now.


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