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Thursday, 9 May 2013

Top 10 Sad Facebook Status Of The Week (9/05/13)

There are often times when we are too sad that v can't express our feeling by talking or we dont want to talk to anybody. But a status express your feelings better than any other way. It'll make that person think about you again. So here are the top 10 sad facebook status lines of the week selected on the basis of mostly used by users around the world. These are not my personal ratings. It has been selected according the popularity.
“You cannot protect yourself from
sadness without protecting yourself
from happiness.”
“What you must understand about
me is that I’m a deeply unhappy
“there are two types of people in
the world: those who prefer to be
sad among others, and those who
prefer to be sad alone.”
“Never frown...even when you're
sad 'cause you never know when
someone's falling in love with your

“Though I know he loves me,
tonight my heart is sad ; his kiss
was not so wonderful as all the
dreams I had.

"It's really sad when you had a
great friendship with someone and
then a relationship just kills it
"Usually when people are sad, they
don't do anything. They just cry
over their condition. But when they
get angry, they bring about a
"My feeling is that there is nothing
in life but refraining from hurting
others, and comforting those who
are sad."
"Sometimes I wish I had never
met you, so when I lay in bed at
night I wouldn’t have anything
to be sad about."
"Even when you are gone, you
are only one that I still want in
my arms. You are the only one I
think of all day long."


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