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Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Temple Run: OZ Free Download | Android Apk

We all know about the temple run producer Imangi Studios who gave most adventurous games ever.
Temple Run Oz is the 4th installment to the temple run series games by Imangi Studios. It stays true to the game's tradition of non-stop running as well as turning, jumping
and sliding to avoid hurdles and
collecting coins. This version is inspired from Disney's New Movie "Oz: The great and powerful" so it incorporates a lot of elements such as new environments, objects and characters.
In this you're being chased
by three flying baboons at the start
of the game while You run as The
Great and Powerful Oz down the glowing Yellow Brick Road in
the Woods and hilly areas passing through the Dark Forest.
The musical backdrop of the
beating drums has been replaced
by the movie's background score
that adds a lot of intensity and
keeps the adrenaline rush going.The graphics are really
smooth and attractive.
This game is somewhat similar to Temple run brave and Temple run 2 but it is more time killing than any other. It also contains air baloons with which the Oz passes pass through the clouds and other altitudes as in temple run 2 which includes a rope.
Temple Run: Oz also has certain
common elements as seen in the
Brave version of the game. You
could collect bows in the game to
unlock different bonuses like extra
score points and score multipliers
at the end of each running session.
Here the bow has been replaced by a musical key to unlock the music box for similar bonuses. A new element in the game as is the essence of the original Wizard of Oz movie is time travel with the
tornado in a manner of speaking.
The Whimsical Woods are set in
bright environs but dangerous all
the while with cliffs and forests.
The Dark Forest is located in the graveyard and gives a beast mode feeling while playing.
If you are a fan of previous temple run Games then no way that you'll ignore it. Its one of the spectacularly awesome fun based running geme.
This app is worth Rs. 53.18 in Google play store but here you can download it absolutelt free.
Requirement: Android 2.3 & Up.
Size: 25 MB
         Click here To Download


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