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Tuesday, 14 May 2013

How To Get New Design Of Facebook Home Page | Facebook Redesigned 2013

                   Click Here To Join Waiting List For New Design Of Facebook Home Page

News From Facebook:

Facebook has recently announced a new look and feel of its news feed. As you can see in the picture, the new look of Facebook News Feed is going to be pretty innovative and attractive.

What CEO Mark Says?

The new design of Facebook News Feed (the area of the site that holds all of your friends' and Liked pages' posts in a stream) will be given a complete makeover. Facebook says that it should be redesigned  with a new interface that's "mobile-inspired". Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerburg also declared that this design will turn Facebook into "Personalized newspaper". Their only aim behind this is to make the desktop version of Facebook as well as mobile more accurate and to improve its alignment.

Implementation Date:

Facebook has not revealed any date that when this would be applied to all users profile but thay said that it is going to be released soon. If you want this new and awesome look of Facebook News Feed then just join their waiting list now. After joining the waiting list your Home Page will be automatically transformed when the Facebook will release this new feature. so you won't have to look for it. I have given a link to check this new look and you can also join their waiting list through the same link to get this new design. My personal opinion is that the screenshots i have just witnessed are superb and i can't wait to get my hands on this New and improved home page of Facebook. So hurry and check it out.

Click Here To Join Waiting List For New Design Of Facebook Home Page

The new news feed design gives users a navigation side bar with more white space available. So join their waiting list because i am sure that you are going to love this new design.


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