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Thursday, 30 May 2013

How To Configure Your Wireless Modem/Router

In Our life internet is a backbone of our life without internet our life is not complete. Every person has use internet through wifi or mobile data access. But the security of wifi modem is must No other person has miss use of your wifi. So we have secure our wifi network by put security key but the experts breaks wifi security. You have to configure modem and put a new password of wifi. To protect your network.
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Follow these steps to configure your wifi router:
1. Connect your modem into your laptop/PC through wire not use wifi network.
2. Now check the modem lights DSL light are stable. The internet is ON in your connection.
3. Now open your internet explorer and fill address or in address bar and search.
4. fill your Username and Password which is provided by service provider.
5. You have to change your network name and also change your network password.
6. Now you can change every think about your network. and you can also change your wifi security password.
 It also configure your PC automatically connect when you attached the wire. Have Enjoy Guyz.
Note: These IP is apply in all modems to configure and when this is not working there is an IP is also written in between the modem.


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